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    My husband and I are Blue Diamond 💎 Wellness Advocates, we live in Palm Bay Florida and are in the business of helping & educating people about the healing properties of dōTERRA essential oils.


    dōTERRA's Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest, purest and most beneficial oils available today. They are of medicinal quality and are a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, NATURAL alternative to managing our health. We started using the oils in June 2012 for managing our personal health issues. We started cooking and cleaning with these oils and immediately noticed the positive effects it was having on our family. After I realized how powerful these oils were, I quit my career of 15 years as Senior production director to share these oils full-time... dōTERRA essential oils have had such a positive impact on my family that it has become my mission to educate and empower others with ways to improve and manage their health naturally. I love helping people and I am so excited to share them with you!


    As a garden and herb enthusiast, Christina Jessup was naturally intrigued with the idea of essential oils. She had seen her grandma use herbs for health support before, and after Christina’s best friend introduced her to dōTERRA essential oils, she was excited to see what the oils could offer her. For years, Christina had been lacking in her health and tried many different sources to help her overcome her occasional issues, but when her best friend, Wendy Berry, introduced her to dōTERRA DigestZen®, she saw amazing results that were more powerful than anything she had tried before.


    Being in the film and video production industry for over 15 years, Christina didn't think she would want to do anything else, especially direct sales. However, her positive experiences with the essential oils made it difficult for her to resist sharing their benefits with others, so she decided to look further into the dōTERRA business.


    The more Christina got into the business, the more she realized the impact she could make. As she focused outward and looked for ways to serve her team and the individuals she met. Christina has helped many experience the same financial and health blessings that she has. Through this experience, Christina has also gained a deeper understanding of the purpose of love in the business field. She says, “Most people struggle with this in our business. When approached with conflict, what I do is pray, listen, and respond, and then just be honest in love. Anytime there are misunderstandings or worries, don’t let it go. Address it. Communication is key.” This approach has helped her and her team grow closer and become proactive leaders.


    Alongside Christina, her husband, Lewis, has been a constant support. She says, “He always tells me he is proud of me, and that is so important to me.” Lewis often attends events and classes, and he even taught classes while Christina was away. Their team effort has allowed them to make great strides in their business, and they find joy in working together on something they love. Now, because of their success in dōTERRA, Christina and Lewis have a combined dream of giving back to others in need, specifically by helping inmates get jobs when they get out of prison, and helping homeless children in Haiti and Peru find safe places to live.


    Since joining dōTERRA, Christina says, “I am feeling great! dōTERRA has helped me share, make money, and manage my stress levels. It has allowed me to afford a life where I can work my own hours and be off with my husband. I have a blast with my team and my customers, and I love talking with someone who has had their first ‘aha’ moment with the oils. We are a part of something beautiful, and I truly believe the best is yet to come.”


    Schedule a Complimentary Aromatherapy Consultation with me TODAY. During the 30-min session, you'll have an opportunity to ask your questions in a one-on-one setting and receive usage recommendations. This means you'll be left feeling at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils for every member of your family - children and pets included! To request a consultation (phone, skype or in-person), click on the button below.


    Looking forward to connecting with you!

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